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This past July 2010, Governer Patterson signed article 15A into Law# 18112. Click Here to see some of the committed warriors responsible for the 15A legislation.

> The Construction Management Acedemy Advance Certificate in construction management at York College is held by Turner Construction and the York College SBDC.  
> The designing of the NY/NJ Port Authority M/WBE procurement for the JFK AirTrain (plan held 103M for the M/WBE community in colaboration with Skanska USA.)  
> AMENY in conjunction with the NYC Minority Business Leadership Council negotiated an agreement with City Hall and the Unions for a Project Labor Agreement that facilitated Right of First Refusal for local labor.  
> In 2009, AMENY designed and implemented the Marcus Garvy Entrepreneur Initiative funded by Councilman James Hondus. (M/WBE Financing Initiative.)  
> In 2008, AMENY is a member of the NYC Small Business Advisory Board. Advocated and pushed for the development of NYC Local Law 129. (M/WBE Procurement Legislation.)  
> AMENY leadership featuring Lloyd Douglas secured 1.2M from NYC Council for not-for-profit trade associations to provide certification, training, procurement, and technical assistance through NYC Department of Small Business Services.  
> 2006-2008 AMENY contracted with Nassau County to establish an entrepreneur training program that produced 8M in procurement.  
> In 2007 AMENY member Mark O'Luck of Spectrum, Inc. and Lloyd Douglas Associates implemented an M/WBE program at Tutor Perini where he produced 40M for the M/WBE community which in addition are going to do 85% of the AirTrain jobs.  
> Port Authority Contracts with AMENY for Capacity Building  
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