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Message from the President


A Message from the President


During our day and age, catchphrases and modern day dreams turn the world around as we new it. Spoken words floated our dreams to the height of a people’s aspiration, and we relished in the euphoria. However, as the days go by catch phrases and dreams crash to the earth in the absence of commitment to wide-ranging synergy within the MWBE community.

To this point, I charge minority and women business leadership to strengthen alliances, by rejuvenating our resources and redeveloping the muscles to bring these catchphrases to a tangible reality. Disadvantage communities will not reach the peak of our aspirations in their current state they must be changed to homelands of opportunity.

The MWBE leadership has with its rank the ability to lift our communities from recession and to secure the lock on stability and prosperity.

The Minority Business Leadership Council has developed a plan of action that must be moved forward swiftly. Demands must be made of the city’s political and economic systems to embrace inclusion that is both functional and beneficial to our community at large. The MWBE’S role in the reauthorization of NYS Article 15A and the successful Advocacy of establishing NYC Local Law 129 is evidence of both our command of change and strength to bring our respective resources together. If we are to continue, to bring change favorably for our communities. We must build on the efforts made to build even greater opportunities and models. Therefore, we must be the stewards of change. We must demonstrate yes we can by consistently working with each other. It is our time to develop the next generation of instruments for leveling the playing field. The time to choose how we will manager change is upon us. We will either building our communities up or allow them to plunge deeper into the down spiral of hard times. Choose wisely. Choose well. Let’s get busy.


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Message from the President